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Thumbs up [OT] Powerpuff Review (Obvious Spoilers)

Just trying to generate traffic.

Actually a surprisingly good film, and I'm not just saying that 'cause I'm a fan of Genndy Tartakovsky.

The movie is basically a prequel to the series, showing the creation of the Powerpuffs, and how they decided to become superheroes.

The animation was typically stylized, of course, but had enough "big screen" bells and whistles to be suitably impressive (reflections, CGI effects, and so on).

What really impressed me was the writing. I wasn't expecting much (the target demographic is like 5-14), but this was really good. Everyone was well-characterized, the motivations were clear (if a little obvious), and the plot was coherent and organized. They even kept to continuity (with Jojo's role in the creation of the girls, and everyone's mismemory of the events). It's not Shakespeare, but it's still good, and the monkey gags were laugh-out-loud.

I was particularly impressed to see Mojo in full Evil Mastermind mode. Unlike the cartoon, this Mojo was dangerous, and the Army of Mojos was just plain cool. He had a brilliant (if clichéd) plot, set it in motion, and was on the verge of total victory. He only made two mistakes. First, he underestimated the ambition of his followers (showing his typical overconfidence), and he misjudged his own effectiveness at dealing with the girls (again, overconfident).

Plus he got to beat up the Gangreen Gang.

Fave Moments:
*The Professor's Note to Self ("Good parents don't leave their children home alone at night." :rolleyess )
*The "Tag" sequence (some of the best high-speed action I've seen, because as fast as it was, you could actually tell what was happening!!! --Directors, take note!)
*The Professor being the doting dad.
*Buttercup realizing what she does best, and panicking over getting in trouble.

I'd call this a must see if you're a Powerpuff fan, a Tartakovsky fan, or even just a simple animation buff.

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