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I agree with cjais.
I played an ff dueling game of jk2++ in beta 3, and there was this one kick spammer. He was destroying everyone with his kick script, knocking them over and red slashing them. If anyone tried to drain, he would use absorb. If he got hit, he would heal. Anyway, I beat him, but it was really, really, hard. Now, if the damage of sabers had been higher, I would've killed him much more easily, because if he had have missed me once with his kick script, he'd be dead.

I'm not bitching about having a challenge, but it was too easy for someone to use kick extensively and beat everyone.

Higher saber damage is the answer.
In the latest build of jk2++ (that isn't public d/l yet) we increased it. Saberists can now compete against gunners (if you're good enough) due to high damage.

High damage for all!
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