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I ve seen this so-said ( i was one to say it ...i admit ) script kiddie

But honestly after seeing him do it, i tried to make my way kicking others during the rest of the game
And honestly i can tell u there is no great skill to kick efficiently
So of course if it s riskless to close in on an opponent ( wich it is actually with the saber block system ) then kick will indeed rule

Also changing the damage will do nothing cause the insane guard is still there

What s need to be done ( i will repeat myself another time ) along with upping saber dmg is tweak the blocking so that sabers are blocked the same way as blaster bolts and THROW ( explain me why this saber attack is blocked like a bolt ) rear guard, no flank guard, only reliable front guard and that s if u don t slash

This way kickers could dodged sideways and u could slash at their flanks to counter them ( man this reminds me kendo lessons )

But Alas, this will not happen cause Raven think everyone loves the crappy 1.03 blocking system with lots of blocks from all angles and lots of parries ..........mark my words : prepare to see a kick fest soon
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