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Now well, I was the one starting this kickwar speculation, but I still believe it is possible to have a good saberfight, even in 1.03 it was possible to have loads of fun regardless of all the newbies running the backstab show.

Yes, I tend to think that kicks will be more prominent in 1.04 due to BS-nerfing, but that is not to say that there won't be any "proper" players left. I, for one, doesn't kick spam, and damn well won't follow this infantile tyranny of players choosing only the absolutely most powerful moves in the game and then RELY on them like there's no tomorrow. That means I won't begin to kickspam in 1.04 either, just because it might be the better move.

Look at what happened to those relying on backstabs: They will get nerfed in 1.04 and that's their own damn fault. I knew that this backstab party wasn't going to last and neither is this uncoming(?) kickfest. Mods, or simple servercommands, will come that reduces kicks to 1 point of damage like some mods already have done.

I know this sounds aloof and quite condemning of everyone except me own, holy self - but it isn't meant that way, just play nice in the upcoming 1.04.
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