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Well that is the problem cause Raven is unwilling to go back with their "so-good" SP blocking system

One consequence was the Backstab : it s now nerfed
One Other ( less known ....but it will be used a lot now Backstab is dead ) is Throw + pull ......will it get nerfed ??
And now the Kick will be another ....will it get nerfed too ??

So what i foresee is that even if those 2 moves left to go around the uber-stupid guard requires skill ( they do .....much more than pull + backstab ), they will get nerfed one day or another either by some modders or by Raven
So instead of facing the true cause of these moves being exploited ppl will just choose to ignore the cause as well as the consequences ( wich will be nerfed ) ???
Well if so then i can foresee a brief life for the already dying JK2, cause ppl will not enjoy for long fighting totally random saber battles nor using only guns ( there is better games wich have better ones )

So to conclude this : if saber play dies then this game is dead too .......hope ppl and raven will wake up soon to see that saber isn t well alive
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