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Originally posted by TheRock

Funny thing is, one only needs to think logically about kicking to see the correction:

If I run up to you and kick you with your saber up....wouldnt you block it? I know this is the same issue with the assfighting...someone runs up and backstabs me while Im facing them with saber up and I cant block it....BUT MY GOD, you can block BULLETS....

At the very LEAST, kicking someone with thier saber up should incur ATLEAST 50% DAMAGE based on what stance they are in. Say, (guessing) heavy saber strike damage is 50 (I havent got a clue really). So, I run up and kick you and you are in heavy stance, not swinging or moving, saber out and ready, facing directly at should take 25 damage. After all, your basically kicking my LIGHT SHOULD take damage.

Otherwise, its great.
I totally agree with this. You should have to think twice before sticking your leg out in front of a Jedi's ready lightsaber. Kicks should only be effective in the right circumstances, like when you parry a blow or win a saber-lock. Of course, you should be able to do them any time you want, but you'll have to accept the risk.

This could also be an advantage if you're fighting a gun user, since there's no chance of chopping off your own leg.

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