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here goes

call me a newbie if you must, but i have never known jk2 on any patch other than 1.03, sooooooo i dont really know which i prefer, if any. i dont understand most of the talk of the blocking system because im unaware of what the former blocking system was like. but, i do play this game a hell of a lot, and i know what ur saying about kick being gay, and bs being whored to death, and even the throw+pull combo. if the new blocking system sucks so much u're left with two main options.

re-install jk2, and switch back to the 1.02 patch, and refuse to play in any other games, and hope that peer pressure will force everyone back to 1.02


someone make an official petition, one stating what the gamers think the problem is with it, and have everyone on this forum sign it, and spam the lobby gettin others to sign it. it never hurts to try?

anyway those are just my thoughts, btw i would love it if sum1 explained the major diffences between 1.02 and .03
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