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Originally posted by QuietSith
Kicking was much worse in 1.02 than it is in 1.03 / 1.04.
It was the same except u had to tap only once on jump button
The problem is not here Quietsith
Try to look at the facts before responding blindly

The trouble is that in 1.02 there was risk to use Pull, Kick or whatever close attack cause basically u could get slashed ( i don t count the number of times i died while pulling a moron slashing wildly just at that moment )
Now with the utter Crappy invincible guard there is no risk to use such attacks, u could pull all u wanted in 1.03 never being hit while doing it, same for kick and i don t talk about the infamous rear guard after DFA

Now that pull is gone, there is kick left and imo it was a pretty bad move to get rid of pull and backstab considering the other things raven could have done
Instead of making those moves risky again ( by tweaking the guard ) they just crippled them so they are useless .......much like the way they did to Drain and Heal
The next time what will they render useless ?? This game already have not much moves .....don t get rid of all of them Raven
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