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frawress victory

"Wipe them out. All of them."

Well well. I think I might actually give this one a try. I haven't played multiplayer for over a month now since the Rise of the Assfighters. When I discovered that I was stooping to their tactics as it was the only way to get around that dang saber block, I darn near committed seppuku in shame. I went back to the divinely inspired version (v1.02), but there just weren't any servers running it in sufficient quantities, so I resorted to getting my saber jollies from playing single player and spawning in legions of reborn to whoop up on.

Perhaps Raven could take a cue from the old JK, where you were more effective with blocking if you had your crosshairs on the opponent's face. That would actually add some modicum of skill to the whole thing.

I see wondrous things about servers running with the saber blocking tuned down, but I never saw it advertised on the server lists, and it's a bit much to wade through all the details using Gamespy to see what the cvars are set to....

I guess we'll see how it goes.
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