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Originally posted by technobot
The whiners have gotten their way, it takes way to long to kill the other guy now... many of the assfighters you guys cried about are still some of the better duelists on the net however get used to 5 minute saber fights, lots of kicking, it's really lame, but that's just my IMHO.

btw, I won the FFA with 40 kills in 20 minutes, that's actually pretty bad for me. I won all my duels. I'm not saying I'm awesome, just before any of the whiners responds with "Well he's just bitter because they nerfed pull/backsweep" well you're f@@king right I am bitter but at the same time I can win without it. It just makes the game way too much longer and all the good players (myself included) we're literally kicking the sh!t out of the rest of the players.

Okay, Im curious, so I have to ask...

If saber fights take at least 5 min as you say, how did you get 40 kills in 20 min?

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