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wonder why raven didnt do anything about kicking. maybe they wanted to give something for the cheap players to hold on to. whatever the reason, get ready for tons of kick spammers, which in some ways are worse than anyone who uses backstab tactics. there's some discussion about people being able to counter kicks, maybe thats because they've never played against someone who knows how to get that kick in, no matter how many times you dodge or roll or slash or whatever. a good kicker wont blindly run into you all the time, they'll watch your movements and confuse you, so you roll when they want you to and attack when they want you to, leaving you nice and open for some 3-in-a-row chain kicks.

usually i'd say that raven wouldnt release a patch to solve this kicking stuff, but since they took care of all those extremely cool backstabing techniques, i think there's hope that this game will really be balanced and victories will rely solely on lightsaber skill, a mastery of all the combos you can do with it, and blocking and evading skills.

one question, can you still roll into your opponent, force pull, and trip him/her in this patch?
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