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Originally posted by MrYepp
shmacdonaldwald, please stfu about kicking

People being bitter about "cheap moves" being pulled on them are the reason why this game has become a "5 minutes-per-kill" newbie joke. So lets say Raven nerfs kick in 1.05, and then what's next? Moves that are more effective than others ARE going to be used, and complaining about them just ruins the community. A FPS game that allegedly takes 5 minutes to the kill is really not worth the money. Sometimes I feel jealous of Warez-kiddies, because they didn't have to pay for this slow game.
That's why saber damage is being increased for jk2++. When people have low damaging sabers, they seek other ways to kill faster, which ends up creating spam. Now, when people have sabers that can actually kill things, there is no need for a DFA, or kick, or any kind of spam.

High damage for all!
(Course now we need it updated for 1.04 but hey )
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