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"Karate Knight 2 - Dojo outcast, now with Black Belt upgrade!!!"

Ahem..... It appears I might be proven wrong yet....

I'll just inform you all that a medium backstab now does 10(!) damage if you face your enemy and block. about 40 ish if you happen to have your saber turned off..... Oh, and I blocked a backstab completely if I was standing in the outside of the (now non-turnable) swing.... Good god!!!


*cough* Or real saber skills, though I assume the first....

You have a *very* low chance of knocking someone down from pull/push, and if you do, they'll get up faster as someone already said here.

Alt-fire on repeater and flechette takes 15 ammo, though I think they did all along 1.03. Am I wrong here?

Hmmm... what else.... The stances don't appear changed in any way, except for the backstab and... oh, yeah mid-air lunge is *COMPLETELY* gone as many had already speculated.

No change to blocking, though I'm used to it by now... are you?
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