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Thank you MrYepp... I know a lot of you have already played and PLEASE TELL ME WITH TWO GOOD PLAYERS DUELING, ESPECIALLY WITH THROWING DISABLED ON A FFA DUEL, THAT IT DOESN'T TAKE A LONG TIME. Sorry for caps, but you see my point. Don't give me any of this "well you're just playing sh!tty players nonsense", that's the whole point... what I've found is a newbie will charge in at me, and I just side-step and slice him to death a bit at a time, fights over in 1-2 minutes. A GOOD player takes considerbaly longer because he won't run in and I have to pick my spots carefully. Strategic? Kind of. Boring? Definitely. I'm sorry, dueling for 5-10 minutes doesn't give me an adrenaline rush, it hurts my mouse hand

And I agree with MrYepp about kicking... sure it's cheap but a lot of you can't fathom the fact that the majority of the players don't have the time to player for hours at a time, and want to have fun in the 10 - 20 minutes allotted before their wives start screaming at them to fix the deck or mow the damn lawn. I'm not the greatest player but there's tons worse than me and they're going to have an even worse time because in those 20 minutes, they'll get in around 4 duels, and the board is over... this is just my opinion, I don't flame you guys for having yours so don't flame me for having mine.

It's funny, I see everyone saying how great the patch is (I'll agree it fixes certain things) but no one has disagreed that it takes way too long to kill people with the saber. Even the guys I was playing with agreed; we disagreed over pull/backsweep (they hated it, they're entitled to that opinion) but we all thought that in many ways this was a step backwards...

How about this? Changing the damage system to 1.02, or just give all the styles a boost across the board? That might help counter the bat-saber effect...

One of you guys already said it, but the trend for whiners has been: 1.02 = DFA Spammers are Gay! 1.03 = Pull/Backsweep Spammers are Gay! 1.04 = Kick Spammers are Gay! Sorry guys, just for me, 5 minute saber fights = lame.
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