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It seems that the ass masters are complaining about the removal of the back swing because it increases the length of a duel. This is a valid point and not a whine. People who care about this game and want to see it develop into a solid stable community make constructive criticisms. The problem is that Raven has never done a good job with the light saber's damage. In any Star Wars movie or novel, a hit with a light saber nearly always results in a limb being severed or death. It cuts through metal and, until the New Jedi Order, had no counter in the way of armor. Ass attacks aren't really an answer to the problem and show that Raven doesn't always think clearly about balance issues. 1.03 was never tested conceptually or in multi-player play. If I can kick somebody to death, why would I use a light saber? In fact, why does any Jedi use a light saber? Instead of prolonging the saber fights and make them tedious as some players have indicated already, why not just up the saber damage and make the blocking a little less automatic? Force players to use skill in blocking.

On a related note, it seems that JD II has done very well from a sales point of view. Lucas has hit or miss record with releasing good SW games. I'd hate for Raven and Lucas to drop the ball by not adding on arena expansions and improving the light saber fighting to include more moves and more complexity. I think fans have shown a willingness to support the game by buying it and generating mods for it. I hope that Lucas will show the same dedication and work more deligently to test their patches for balance and playability and to continue with new add-ons.
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