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Originally posted by MrYepp
Zephorath, I already played JK2++ and I do like the new damage system, it gives saberists enough edge vs. gunners, and saber vs. saber is still quick and exciting even with the super-beefed up 1.03 blocking.

For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, go to and check it out. There are a lot of changes, but regarding sabering, It boosted up saber damage so blue is a 2 hit kill, and medium a almost-1-hit kill, and red 1-hit kill. It sounds ridiculous, but after trying it, it's easy to see how it's an improvement.

First off, it will get rid of all those "gun-spammr-l4m3rs-let-us-duel-with-our-1337-glowsticks" people, because a saberist will be able to kill a gunner. The reason why sabers weren't killing gunners in 1.02-1.04 is because it doesnt do enough damage. With the saber, you can deal a hefty amount of damage, but it doesn't do it FAST enough.

base JK2 will always suck
Nonononono blue is a 3 hit, yellow is 2, and red is supposed to be 1 hit but currently isn't because you need to do an overhead slash where it hits twice to do full damage. We're going to tweak that for sure (I think.)

Go here for the JK2++ forums, all feedback and constructive criticism is welcome.

Edit: BTW Cjais, yes, gunners pretty much HATED 1.03, and we appreciate the change
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