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Originally posted by cjais

Actually, it is going to force players to learn the stuff most full Force duel players have been doing for quite some time.

Pull/kick/saber throw combos are very deadly and are very common on FF duel servers.

As one who often more than not, puts his saber away and simply kicks saber-wielding fools to death, I am really trying hard not to laugh when my opponents still cling to the notion that the saber is still a powerful weapon.

With the backstab and air lunge gone, saber fights are now pretty much the standard "step in, side swing, step out, step in side swing, step out, repeat until your blows finally make it past the ridiculous parry/knock away system"

I said this over a month ago and I'll say it again.
You remove or weaken the saber any more by messing with the backstab and you will effectively make it utterly useless other than when thrown.

In v1.03 the backstab was the one fatal equalizer I had to watch out for, now, lol, I just spent the last half hour kicking people to death in duels and never took a single lethal blow from a saber.

I have been an avid kick/combo user since shortly after the v1.03 patch came out, but I know most of you have not.

You guys got a lot of catching up to do...
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