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I'm not trying to be a jerk, it's just I knew this would happen.

It's not difficult to adapt to v1.04, actually for me I don't have to adapt at all. Not one bit.
I only used the backstab as a counter attack or finisher on inexperienced opponents.

It's just become funny that now, I really have nothing to fear from my opponents.
I damn near never died from standard saber swings due to the slow speed or weak damage ratios. Oh, and that lovely parry/knock away system that kept me alive when my opponent had a clean shot that should of landed.

Damn near never been killed from a DFA or Yellow finisher due to my rabid attention to pull+kicking them every time they try one.

Force lightning? Lol, I have been playing since the day this game came out and have been killed 2-3 times by lightning if even that.

Uh-oh better watch out for that Force grip... Lol.

The irony of all this is remember that poll on a few days after the game fist came out?
It asked what your favorite pert of the game was.
The saber won by overwhelming results.
And now it has been reduced to semi-effective 20 to 30 damage, more often blocked than not, joke.

One other thing, mark my word; you are going to see a Hell of a lot more Yellow finisher/Yaw spin scripts now.
Especially on NF duels.
They are common on FF duels and are almost always an instant kill due to the spin part.

Oh well, I'm going back to kick people to death and laugh my furry little ones off when they try, but fail, to kill me with their worthless sabers.
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