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Yea, its so funny it sounds like they totally NURFED the saber. They must be smoking crack. A duel should rarely take longer then 2 minutes.

It sounds like the only way to play this game now is on a server running a MOD with increased saber damage. Does JK2++ work with the new patch. I think this MOD and the DUEL_SE once it is compatible with 104 will be the two choices to start with and more will be on the way for sure. I like DUEL_SE cause it allows the server admin to customize everything to do with with saber damage, saber throw, and kick.

Higher saber damage is the way to go for sure. And there was no reason at all to lower backsweep damage THAT MUCH. Just by making it harder to get knock downs and immpossible to spin would have been enough of a nurf without lowering damage at all.
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