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it seems that many ppl had that problem as well but now the dedicated server patch has been released so it should be ok
i played a duel for 2 hours under 1.04 and i must admit that i had fun
now people complain about duel taking too much time and kicking taking way too much damage
if you dont already know, there is the variable g_saberDamageScale which allows you to multiple the damage done by the lightsaber
default set to 1 i played with 4 first then 2
i think 2 is perfect for duels and ffa games as well since it does pretty much damage for a lightsaber (a full front stab in high stance kills the guy)
it sounds like an easy 1 hit kill but still you have to "fully" stab him that means he doesnt move (which is quite hard that way)
otherwise that will damage him around 40-60 hp (which i think is normal for a lightsaber, and i precise i was playing with g_saberDamageScale set to 2)
duels dont last forever anymore and there are finally really good finishing moves done
as for the kicking that MAY be a problem since it cant be blocked (but you can block bullets and so on...refer to TheRock's post on page 3 ) but there is always a way
back on 1.03 i was playing everyday with backstabbers and ass fighters and still i managed to kick many asses
i'm not a mad kicker who tries to protect the kick and i think that its damage should be fixed but until the next patch comes i'm sure a way will be found to "avoid" being kicked
so for now plz guys join servers and enjoy that patch coming from the heavens given to us by raven
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