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Amazes me how people always mistake sarcasm for arrogance due to low self-esteem...

Pull+saber throw>kick
Repeat X 3
Win match.
This is MY patch.

BTW Gauvain, on the last page someone said something about good kick fighters not "running up against you", rather they would "fake" a kick attempt to make you roll, slash, whatever, hence exposing yourself.

This is so very true.

The only defense against kicks is to master it yourself. Not just the move but also the "setups" for it.

The key to surviving against a good kick fighter is not getting suckered in.

Well, Protect will help, but the fact that I can still put a person on the ground with a kick and then follow up with a saber throw and another kick (and maybe a DFA if they fall again) makes it pretty irrelevant.

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