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Gauvain I am going to warn you now, against someone who either has mastered the timing on a pull+kick combo or someone who has it scripted, you are going to be screwed.

This is insanely effective, unblockable and yes, it ignores absorb.

You ideas about push can work, if the person jumps from a distance, does not use pull, and comes at you straight on.

The person, who taught me to be such a bastard with kicks, also showed me that the best defense against them is a good offense.

While you can avoid the "average players" kicks with a simple sidestep, a veteran will set you up every time.

The only players who I cannot successfully beat using nothing but kicks, are the ones who use them to great success their selves.

That's not me bragging, it is the truth.
It is also the reason I rely so heavily on them to this day.
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