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ewok i didnt have that problem with the backstab
i managed to stab desann nicely on a local server
it just took me 4 BS

ryudom when i fight i'm quite "calm" (not running everywhere) so i'm an easy target for those who want to kick
and if i get near them to try something good (combos and so on) they just have to forward + jump twice and i'm on the floor
that is what i want to avoid

one other way is to play saber throw all the way but its not that good either :P

back to ewok i know that a really skilled kicker can be really annoying (i met one on a team ffa server, that was a nightmare) but still he had a hard time hitting me b/c i was rolling all the time and then throwing the saber at his face
you say that doing kicks yourself is the only solution
i just want to rephrase it as "only really effective solution"
there are ways to counter a kicker....not as efficiently as kicking yourself but dont forget that what he will mostly do is kicking and you have your saber
as far as physics are concerned lightsaber > kick
you just have to be smarter to hit him before he gets you...
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