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NWO: you're damn right I'm bitter but let me assure you my real life (i.e. social life) is vibrant, yet my geek life, i.e. school and videogames is suffering right now because summer school uni just ended and now my 2nd fav game at the moment takes too long to play... this is kind of a whine but not really because I can still win, I still enjoy playing (but not as much), and it's still my 2nd fav game

cjas: I really don't think Raven intended the game to take this long unless you go the kick in the face route. The beauty of a game like Age of Empires is there's a nice long build up, and it's an hour committment if you're into that kind of thing. The beauty of a Quake game is you can be in and out under 15 minutes, get your fix for the night, and go sleep with your wife. What they've done is A) make saberists useless against gun wielders (unless you pull the gun and then shoot them with it) and B) make FFA saber-only exactly what you alluded to, Jackie Chan styles kick-fest. I would gladly buy a game that just focused on light-saber fighting if they made it a true fighting game but I'm sorry, Jedi Knight is no Street Fighter (which by the way was much more complex from a fighting viewpoint yet the average match lasted 2 minutes).

I'm glad they fixed some stuff and I'm not bitter that backsweep was nerfed, once again I'm bitter because the saber is that much more useless now. Here's hoping for another patch with a damage boost across the boards for all the saberists... maybe an expansion with a fleshed out fighting system?
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