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I don't post much, but I read almost everyday. For a while, I used 1.03 and didn't really like the ridiculous blocking rate. I switched back to 1.02 recently, but decided to give 1.04 a try.

I don't play online much at all, but I play on a LAN at school in the fall pretty frequently; there may or may not be a lot of things about playing online that I don't really understand or know about. In any case, I've found that my biggest problem with the post 1.02 saber style is the low damage...the blocking would actually be pretty cool if the sabers were dangerous in the first place. Playing 1.04 for a while, I liked a lot of the little fixes, such as being unable to run backward as quickly, but the damage thing was still a problem. I kind of found a solution, though.

I don't mean to put this across as a be-all to end-all fix to everyone's problems, but it works for me. Enter the following console command in multiplayer:

g_saberDamageScale 3

The default value for the command is 1. Playing with the command entered for a while, I've noticed that Light Stance is about a 3 clean-hit kill, Medium is a 1-2 clean-hit kill, and Heavy Stance is almost always a 1 hit kill when it connects. As a big-time Star Wars fan, I've always felt the sabers should function this way; the Jedi did not charge into battlefields full of gunners with only their lightsabers because they were stupid. Also, I like the blocking in 1.04 now, because it only takes a few good hits to bring down an opponent. Duels last just the right amount of time...I like it even more than 1.02, which I always felt lacked in blocking just a bit.

Once again, let me reiterate that I don't think everyone will like this game style. I'm just putting it on the table as an open suggestion; also, I can't believe this hasn't been discovered before, so if anyone knows anything about this command and how it affects the game that I might not be aware of, please let me know. As of now, I've noticed the following items:

- The damage doesn't seem to affect the shield belt. It takes down health faster with a good hit, but it doesn't seem to take down shields as quickly...I might be wrong.

-Idle damage is not is still set at 1 point per pulse. I did notice idle damage happening a bit more, however...I could be imagining this too.

Please, if you know anything about this command, like it, hate it, or anything in between, respond. Be civil, however...these boards get ugly really quickly, and it's kind of sad. If you have something to say, but take the 10th grade approach, I won't flame you, I'll just ignore you. Thanks.

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