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Post LOL

While reading this thread, I keep saying to myself, "What a pathetically boring life some of these people must lead." If all you are going to do is KICK, you must not have anything else to do with your life. Personally, I try to find servers where there are skilled saberists who do not bore themselves to tears with pull/kick/throw combos. In fact, it is quite funny to watch some moron enter a server like that, talking trash and trying to use that combo, only to get creamed by a skilled player (without kicking even LOL).

Anyway, I like the new patch. It gives us saberists more of what we enjoyed before 1.03. I like the scaled-back backstab and the push/pull nerfing the most. I especially like the laugh I get at watching all you kickwhores out there thinking that you actually have any skill. You don't, because if you did, you'd be using a saber.
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