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Originally posted by Doctor Shaft
Here's my two cents.

So far, the patches have gone in the wrong direction. The complaining about certain game aspects have always brought about one result: the removal of a game aspect.

A backstab kills you, but normal swings do not. The complaint - backstab spam. Sure, it's warrented. It's not a cheap move, it's a smart move, but since it's the only smart move you have with the saber, it makes the game monotonous and funny looking. The solution to that would have been to make it more blockable AND increase saber damage on normal swings by a great deal. That way, you have fifty swings (okay there's probably less, but you get the point) that kill instead of one. The solution people wanted was the downright removal of backstab, or to make it take less damage. And I still always ask "when the hell are you going to use a backstab if it doesn't kill someone? Why turn all the way around to get in some stupid power ranger pose to hit someone if it doesn't finish the job?" But oh well.

I knew 1.04 would just remove all dangerous aspects of the game and turn it into a long "no killing me in stupid ways" kind of game. AT least in 1.03 I had to fear getting killed by backstab pull. It was a boring way to die, and the pull thing was streamlining game stradegy, but at least I felt danger. Now, everyone is free to charge at each other and fear nothing. Gunners will forever be told to go away because they can kill people so much quicker. The game becomes less dynamic.

Raven made a great game in my opinion, but because of mass opinions and complaints, they've decided to change the game for the customer benefit. Unfortunately, public opinion has been more steam and anger rather than straight thought. The solution to the saber problem is simple. Look at JK1. The first game. In this game, the heavy swing took an opponent from 100 health 100 shields (like 100/25 in jK2) to 2 health. If a person was gripped real quick, then hit, they died. Of course, JK1's saber combat was limited and stiff, but now we have this much more dynamic system. We can keep the lethality of the saber, make it kill someone fast, like one hit, or even two sometimes, put in your parry and blocks, and the problem is solved. Backstabbers won't be a problem, because while they turn around, you move out of the way, click the button, and their dead. You want a long saber battle... get good at not getting hit at all. And hitting the perosn precisely. Block correctly, as in keep your distacne. Don't rub up against the person. Then you have long intense duels. Tired of gunners? WEll, if you're saber actually could kill someone when you needed it to, as in one good hit, then you'd have a lot of fun fighting gunners. Hate kick? It can't be blocked you say? Who cares? if you have high damage, then it's just fine to take the 20 unblockable damage, my saber is going to cut through your foot and kill you anyway. Now the kick is only good when used with proper timing.

The point of is, when we complain, we keep asking for stuff to be removed. This is totally off. This game isn't counter strike. We're not dealing with an awp, or gun aim that is too good, or bunny hopping. We're just dealing with certain attack methods being weaker or less effective than others. The solution was not to remove the stronger elements. The solution was to just make the weaker elements stronger.

Exactly!! Yeah they should have made the backstab/slah almost useless! That move ownz!! I still dun get ppl why they were bitching about pull+backstab.. Actually i quite enjoyed for a quite a time.. until.. i got bored of it, and started playing in nf duels. but o well

It is obvious this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force, but by our skills with the lightsaber."

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