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here's my take on the patch. frankly, i like it. yes i wouldn't consider my self a fan of the pull/backstab combo, and i frankly believe it's a skill-less attack since all one needs to do it tap a button and turn around and tap another button. now one reason for this likely is that i do not use absorb. i use dark powers in my setup. and this patch finally returns balance to both sides of the force (i think alot of people have been overlooking this with the focus on the gun vs. saber thing).

i've heard alot of arguements like "This is called JEDI Knight 2!!! Guns shouldn't be here!" Here's my take: The game is subtitled Jedi OUTCAST, which features a storyline on a fallen Jedi turned mercenary and loses touch with the Jedi ways. Then there are those who think guns don't belong in a Star Wars Universe type game. I'll remind you that guns are the prominent weapons in the Star Wars Universe. Then there are those who think limiting the saber to be more passive makes it just another quake 3 game. I dont believe so. Sabers aren't what makes the Jedi (heck even Han Solo used a saber at one point), it's powers that set this game apart from others (and as i mentioned before i think this patch did a good job revitalizing the dark side). Lastly, do you honestly think its realistic to think a Jedi would fare well in a battlezone? Look at Episode 2, the fighting Jedi Knights got massacred (it even only took one "gunner" to take out one Jedi when Jango kills a Jedi trying to attack Dooku). And i'll leave you with a quote from a jedi himself "We're keepers of the peace not soldiers."

In my opinion, this patch I think is an improvement. I still see gunners getting killed by sabers with this patch (and still by backstab as well). I simply think sabers are best suited for either a good and intense duel, or maybe if you're still adamant about it, a saber only server. All in all though, I'm glad this patch came out.
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