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Exclamation Voodoo5 drivers problem

Hi at all,

....I'm quite new in this forum, but, first of all, I have to say thanks at all you for having found out how to run JO with our common video cards...

....There are a cup of days that I'm surfing around the web looking for the best drivers for my voodoo5 5500 that can not only be suitable for JO, but for other games too (...I've a brother who likes Flight Sim.... ), after a big format, now I'm trying the different drivers, from Dozer 1.1 to Amigamerlin 2.1, followed by the Undergrounds and x3dfx 1.08...

...I have to say that my configuration is the following:
PIII 800 133Mhz
512Mb ram 133Mhz
Voodoo5 5500 AGP
SB Live! 5.1
Monitor Philips 107T
Windows XP Home Edition, I'm experiencing the following problems:

* JO is pretty playable in 640x480 mode, but when I try to switch to 800x600 or better 1024x768, all freeze up and I gotta reboot for an error caused by the 3dfxvs.dll, which is a file coming with the drivers...

* with other games I'm having serious problems of graphics...there are black horizontal lines appearing in the video or the images are flashing....and sometimes the desktop appears with lighted colours..., my question is...with the previous configuration, which is the better driver combination?

...thanks for all, and sorry If I was a little (...but just a little ) verbose...


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