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Re: Re: counter a kick without having to kick?

Originally posted by V-tecc

I have read some of your posts on the 1.02-04 subject and just want to say that I totaly agree with you on every topic.

Its people like you that Raven and lucas should listen to, not people who want to:

1.02: nerf DFA/DRAIN/GRIP - cant defend myself against it
1.03: nerf BackStab - cant defend myself against it
1.04: nerf Kick- cant defend myself against it

1.05: nerf the lightsaber - cant defend myself against it???

What the hell people... stop wishing things away!!
You will turn this into a diplomatical game in which people just b1tch about how they suck... ohh wait.. we are there already....

If we just altered DFA and the freezing bug in 1.03, then there would be no problem with: BS/KICK/ETC!!!!

Damn you all! ... Damn you all to the hell you have created with 1.03 and there after!
HAHAHAHA! "nerf the lightsaver - cant defend myself against it" ROFL.

I have to admit, I was just like everyone else out there.. pulldown/backslash... and enjoyed it for a short while, but then it just became a finisher after I had whittled away an opponent. Even though I used it, I thought it was completely stupid and skilless. I was a big proponent of removing it.

ANYWAY, 1.02 is still the best release of the bunch. 1.04 takes the game back to it's original form (for the most part). Aside from the skilless kicking, I think that 1.04 is definitely a step in the right direction.

You guys need to join a server that has "g_saberdamagescale 4" turned on. That setting completely rocks and takes out the gay kick-spamming completely (a single heavy swing takes them out).
Even 3 works well.
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