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Cool new design... But there's a typo in the download page which says the download will starst in five seconds (But that's nitpicking).
I've got a bigger problem with the new shtick though - because you host that stupid "Age of Empires in Space" game's maps (I mean come ON, at least Starcraft added some innovation and a new graphic engine to avoid the title of Starcraft in space! This game is a spiffy Total Conversion of an old (bad) game!). I mean, sure, host it, I'm not here to spoil anyone's fun, and like being gay, playing Galactic Battlegrounds is perfectly socially exceptable, but the thing is, considering this site is still named, it shouldn't appear in the new files menu! Come on, did you know how long it took me to understand what the heck is going on? Besides, now I'll have to manually filter new files on my own, because their titles don't include any "Warning, cash in inside" tags on any GB related material.

Still, l33t design. Alot faster. Thumbs up

To increase hit count to this forum I shall add the search key-words "Digimon Porn"
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