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Hmmm... 42.857% want the gunship as a UU... Windu and 2 other people popular movement?

42% and I don't even think sith has even voted yet... I think he would have at least posted something. Now that I think of it he hasn't posted anything lately... maybe his internet managed to go down again.

Many people seem quite contented with the game as it is, and think the Gunship would provide a sufficient realism quality if it was added as a toybox or cheat unit. Exactly what Sith has been saying from the start.

Also the Gunship's representation as a fighter is quite realistic. Fighters provide air and ground cover fire for their troops. With the exception of carrying the troops, Gunships were doing just that, giving cover fire for the troops. Gunship seems too strong to be reduced to a feeble fighter? Think of it as losing its gains in strength and firepower as reduced maneouverability and being a bigger target.

And the icing on the cake of making the Gunship a toybox unit is that they can make a REAL Gunship, not some crap unit that no one will ever use and is a mere shadow of the real Gunship. As a UU the Gunship will be cut to bits for balance, and have the bits jammed in as a pointless unit; as a toybox unit realisitic but overpowered ideas could be used. If anyone wants realism, the toybox/cheat version of the Gunship will be much more realistic than any UU incarnation.
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