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Sith Maximus,

I approve of the scripts that you've shown here. The scripts that I do not approve of are the ones, for example, where you can do the blender, the helicopter, the spinning backstab, which ****, might be one of those moves, hell, I don't know.

The problem I have is this. If you are a scripter, you are using one button to do the same move that a regular player is doing by pressing, say, three buttons at the same time. The difficulty of performing these moves are not high! So, why not, do the move the way it was meant to be done?

Some scripts are written to do things that a non-scripter can't do. That's cheating, and I don't see how people can say that it's not!!! In nintendo contra, a-b-a-b-left-right-left-right-down-donw-up-up, or whatever, you got thirty men. That's cheating. Same principal here.

Uh, and to comment, anybody can do scripting. Since all you guys have posted thme, cutting and pasting, with minor tweaking, is all htat's required. So ya, I guess my reason would be I'm too rigid. I don't like to cheat in anything that I do. I think rigid is not the right word. Try honest?? Maybe?

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