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i think there something weird with my version of the game on jedi knight setting i unloaded a complete rack of rockets on him then those blod artiliarty like blobs then those explsosive globsule things and basically every single one a direct hit on his sheild and he shiels was still intact was very very very very very infuriating after i was out of ammo all i had was my lightsaber and after god only know how long i took him out with that didn't half make the next few bits difficult though with no bacta left and no ammo thankfully i too am very mucha lightsaber orientated too

on another note i was playing i think it was nar shada level and a gredo lookalike tried ot shoot me with sniper rifle and to my complete an utter amazement (only ever happenedn once) kyle went slow mo like when you kill a reborn or something and dodged the sniper blast - now isthere some way to make him do this more offen? did i just happen to hit the keys at the right time and the game descided skilled dodging was worth of slow mo or what? cause if thats some cool hidden force power i need to know
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