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Hmmmm. Simwiz has a point- as a toybox unit, the Gunship could be anything we liked without disrupting game balance.
But an in-game version would be more fun- after all, Windu, two other people, and I want to use the gunship in a normal RM or DM, and in the campaigns. I think it would improve the game experience all-round.
Maybe you could have 2 versions, one in-game that wasn't so powerful, and one toybox that is everything it was in the movie.

Stupid Safety Warnings:
Caution! You could be killed if you collide with a large truck while driving this small car!
Warning! This knife has a sharp edge- do not press against your throat!
Danger! Matches can create fire that may burn you!
And, last but not least:
Caution! Do not point this gun at someone and pull the trigger!
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