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I don't understand how people keep saying he was soooo difficult. Unless one keeps trying one same bad approach to the fight over and over again he should be able to learn to fight him effectively... .

And if what you do fails you can just pull lightsaber deflecting all his shots while comfortably standing still and healing and recharging.

I liked the fight, it was a challenge but not generally unfair IMO(except when he happens to shoot secondary mode heavy repeater fire with a rate of fire of first mode which is very likely a bug but even that can be avoided without necessarily any disadvantatge by staying in range of where he shoots primary fire).

I've defeated Fyyar in jedi and jedi master difficulty, it was quite the same both times, being a light saber fanatic of course fought him with light saber (and force) only. Initially it took some time until I found out that his shield can be damaged and downed with the light saber and that it is possible to hit the shield with the lightsaber without receiving damage from the shield.

Disruptor shots seem to get automatically dodged in SP while with force speed on. Since I rarely use speed I only discovered this lately in my 3rd playing through the game.
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