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conform, conform, conform... that's all i'm hearing.

I don't choose to do things the way most people do them, becuase i can do them the way i want to. No other reason behind it. I don't play the game for wins/frags, i play for fun. I have fun in different ways.

And if you read my first post, i said that this was for learning. I do not use these scripts anymore, becuase i learned to do the moves myself. Yet people who come late in the conversation always miss the point becuase they take the short-cut and read the last page. Voice an opinion and that's that. I'm all for opinions, but for christ's sake get all the info, then make a comment. You look like less of a doofus.

Besides, arguing over the internet is like running in the special olympics. No matter who wins, you still look stupid.

I would like to die peacefully and in my sleep, just like my grandfather. Not screaming in panic like the passingers in the car he was driving.
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