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I donno if this has been asked or answered, I didn't read through 7 pages sorry

is there a script to do a crazy spining backswing ? I realize I'll have to be next to a person but will I have to face dirrectly my back to his front to do it ?
-press the button
-do the backspecial
-start spining like crazy
-press the button again and it'll stop spining
|scroll down with mouse to do it|

and is there a script to press a binded button and switch to red stance and do a forward leap ? (note. i'd have to be in some other stance liek blue but when Ipress the button i'd go to red and do the leap)
-press the button (while i'm in blue/yellow stance)
-switches to red stance
-do a red stance forward leap
|scroll up with mouse to do it|

and also, how can I fit more then one script in "autoexec.cfg" ?

thanx in advance

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