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Originally posted by remark 666
I donno if this has been asked or answered, I didn't read through 7 pages sorry

is there a script to do a crazy spining backswing ? I realize I'll have to be next to a person but will I have to face dirrectly my back to his front to do it ?
-press the button
-do the backspecial
-start spining like crazy
-press the button again and it'll stop spining
|scroll down with mouse to do it|

and is there a script to press a binded button and switch to red stance and do a forward leap ? (note. i'd have to be in some other stance liek blue but when Ipress the button i'd go to red and do the leap)
-press the button (while i'm in blue/yellow stance)
-switches to red stance
-do a red stance forward leap
|scroll up with mouse to do it|

and also, how can I fit more then one script in "autoexec.cfg" ?

thanx in advance

The crazy spin script is on the first page, but with the last patch you can't use it anymore. You can still use it on 1.03 servers.

Yes there's a way to script that move, but what do you mean a forward leap? You mean the dfa heavy stance finisher? Also there's no way to script a button to change you to redstance from anyother stance. There's a cyclesaberstyle command but that just imitates hitting the cycle styles button. What i mean is there's no way for your script to know what stance you are in and change to heavy automatically.... But there are ways around it, and it ddepends on your answers to the question above.

And to add for scripts to the autoexec.cfg, just edit it and add them. I like to put a few line returns between all the scripts so i know whats what.

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