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Originally posted by Darth Windu
simwiz - its still a majority.
I am assuming (and hoping) that you say this because the poll changed at one point and then changed again (right now you are in the minority). If you said you have the majority because the UU choice had (at the time) more votes than all the other options combined, then ignore the rest of my post. If not, then:

You do realize that just because the UU option has the longest bar of the 4 options does not make it the majority. ALL of the other options, cheat unit, toybox unit, no unit, are against having it as the UU. Just because the opposition is split among 3 options and therefore the UU has the most votes out of one option does not mean the UU has the majority. If we are looking at it as UU vs not UU then I think it is safe to say that all three other options are NO's. So it is 5/11, or 45%, for the Gunship UU. Hopefully you realized this and were claiming the majority because you truly had it at the time. If you were then ignore this paragraph of my post.
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