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Thumbs down 1.04 the time raven made something bad, EVEN WORSE

Nothing has been fixed, after playing for a day I realise that things are only 10 times worse.

They wen't and nerfed pull, they went and nerfed the medium and heavy backstab, and guess what?

They failed miserably, this game is worse now then it ever was. Why? Because these raven idiots saw it fit to literally make it 2389237905823u89052345 times ****ing easier to do this ****ty jumpkick **** ive now seen emerge from this **** 1.04 patch.

What exactly is the jumpkick you say? Its like pull, almost exactly like it, except it:

1. works better
2. Is as easy to do
3. takes NO FORCE
4. Does DAMAGE

Now this **** is ridiculous, stupid pull/backstabbers have an even worse tool to work with, not only is it extremely easy to use offesively, but I once ran up to a guy trying to fight him and got knocked back by this new cheesy **** every single time losing health every single time.

Seriously, wtf were they thinking.

And now you know what they do? They use LIGHT STANCE backstab, which still seems to do quite the HEFTY UNBALANCED AMOUNT OF DAMAGE without the COUPLE OF SECONDS YOU GOT TO DODGE WHEN YOU SAW THAT LARGE SWING COMING. Now its kabam instant hit with that lightstance WITH MORE DAMAGE.

HEY GUYS AT RAVEN, get off your asses and notice that if your gonna make the med and heavy backstab not cheap...


This game is a failure now, before you had people pulling every 3 seconds that you could use aborsb or drain on and kick their asses also using sabre throw. Now all you can do is ****ING DIE because there is NOTHING you can do BUT JUMPKICK A JUMPKICKER BACK OR LOOSE.

How gay, how stupid. Raven has failed us, this jumpkicking tweak was entirely not needed, and it is entirely ridiculous. So easy to do and you can do it over and over and actually kill people with it. How utterly utterly gay raven, how utterly gay.


We have a new, easier, more powerful backstab combo now people, its called the:


Nice work raven, as if anybody expected you to make this worse.

What a dissapointment.
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