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Not even a day this POS is out and people find something out, but what pisses me off, is raven didn't need to **** around with jumpkick like that, all they had to do was fix pull, fix the backstab and **** OFF.

But no they went and made it worse, what were they thinking?

This is so rediculous im sorry, I waited and waited for this patch, read the readme, was overjoyed, joined a game....

All the top players were running around with absorb on jumping off of other players heads knocking them down and then light stance backstabbing them for a kill, thats all it took, one jumpkick, then backstab, +1 on the kills record.

Good lord raven, im actually going back to 1.03, backstabbing gayness was heaven compared to this, at least backstabbing was counterable through certain methods.

There is NO COUNTER EXCEPT THE SAME MOVE against jumpkickers.

Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay

I hate this game, ive had it
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