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Originally posted by Jedi Hunter2354
Did you even read what I wrote?

Have you experienced this gayness?

If not stfu and get out of my topic because I don't want you to open your fat worthless mouth, ok?

Stop being cocky on the internet dude, it doesn't impress anyone fag.

Get lost
Wow something tells me you're not happy with me and the patch. I wasnt bieng cocky. Bieng cocky would involve some ridiculous challenge & me puffing my chest saying I could whoop your butt no matter what gets nerfed.

This is a public forum, mister. Be prepared to see replies that you dont like to your topics.

I have been out there since the patch & like the 1.03 change I adapted to it & still play rather well. I've never been able to clean house on a server & I still don't, but I still have fun no matter what got changed in the game.

Stop replying to your own post with your small minded, homophobic views on a video game. It "doesn't impress anyone".

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