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You see, thats what pisses me off, if somethings wrong, then bitch about pls.

Oh if other people are doing it then that makes it ok for me to do it.

No dude, if its cheap and gay, then its cheap and gay no matter whos doing it.

People complained about pull/backstab because it was cheap and gay, but there were a few counters to it. Now this jumpkicking crap is the same thing, yet there are barely ANY counters to it, and its just as sickening and gay.

I actually don't believe you have played this game as much, or else your another drone that just moves along with whatever crap happends and smiles like a 3 cent whore.

Oh look the world just collapsed guess ill just deal with it *smiles*

You can say that and watch me invent a spaceship, buddy. And im leaving your ass behind.
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