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LoL i Have the ULTIMATE Cheat/script.

I have done the first working Aim to JK2 but think it is to "gay"
to use it it r no skill in it.

So i dont use it but i still like to do things like scripting and coding becuse i like to push the border farder and farder so i do this anyway.

But one thing is clear that anu cheat like aim have no effect on this game becuse u can reflekt all shoots that u can do.

And Onething is completele clear is mine 180 turn with out cl_yawspeed and not depending how good ping u have.
Will only got used on my own way not by any damn n00b scripters with destoying the game. Only by 1337 guess playing on servers that is legal to use it.

So ya all non cheating n00bs get reday to get ownd!
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