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Thank you for reporting the typo =)

Well, the reason why find these GB files in the database is that our network site will also host files using the same database system.

Therefore the default file category of the files site is "Jedi Knight 2", and ( will have guess what...).

Okay, you can browse the gb files in files, but you don't have to. =)

The redesign was done mainly to make the site faster loading (less gfx intensive). Also many background script changes were done. I am satisfied with result, because I think it is now easier to navigate and a lot faster!

With the comments system was the news comment system meant. Keep this for you: Actually we are working on a file commenting system.... release date: when it's done.

I have to admit it that this "thing" looks similiar to the PlanetCrap pages, but it is not the same. I wasn't in charge of the page design anyway, so don't look at me...

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