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Re: I say... THOSE ARE OK

Some scripts are written to do things that a non-scripter can't do. That's cheating, and I don't see how people can say that it's not!!! In nintendo contra, a-b-a-b-left-right-left-right-down-donw-up-up, or whatever, you got thirty men. That's cheating. Same principal here.

Well what is everyones feelings on game controls that ledt you combine macros? These commands are nothing more than a different type of script file. So if anyoe out there thinks that this is cheating let us know. And I do agree that some types of scripts are cheats no matter what way you cut it. As soon as an actual game engine variable, like yawspeed or filed of view, has been changed then it is a cheat. I write scripts all of the time and i try to limit them to system tweaking only, like the above net script. A volume script is ok as well as skin changes and even scripts that combine moves that you can do within the game anyway. How the heck do people think the game knows to generate a backstab or a death from above kill anyway? Its done in a very similar fashion to what has been stated here. So those types of scrips are ok. Continuous fire and locking forwrd walk is alright in my book as well. Its simple, some are cheats some are not. We all know the difference between scripts that are and are not cheats. But the sonner the cheat scripts are posted the sooner we all can be aware of them and try to avoid them. When people started to walk backwards I simply let them get a little close to me and as the animation started for a backstab I kicked them. Plain, simple and effective. Their is a counter for any script if you take the time to learn it. But for now being informed is the best weapon against system variable movement and attack scripts.

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