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Originally posted by Darth Windu
simwiz - i said that there was (and still is) a majority who have voted for the gunship as the second UU
So if I were to create a poll about something with one yes (5 votes) and 5 different No's (3 votes each) then the yes would be clearly popular? I don't think so. If you would now claim the Gunship has majority without considering that all the other options are all NO FOR THE UU then all your poll proves is that you can manipulate the choices to color the results in your favor. Is that why you made 4 options instead of 2? Other options... Toybox, hmm that sounds like they don't want it as a UU, cheat unit same, don't want it as a UU any more than the Death Star is an empire UU. And the not at all is just, no.

Also, i said before, keep it related to the subject, and dont attack other members in this forum.
I don't remember attacking you in that post, so unless you are trying to dig up some long-ago post I have no idea what you are talking about. And you really shouldn't be talking about attacking other members:

So sithmatser, you cant win an argument, and the community obviously disagrees with you on both of these issues, so you go running to daddy to get them deleted?
Which in case you didn't realise was why he attacked you in the Gunship thread, and also prompted me to get into the argument in the first place. Wait - there's more...

...i suggest you take up reading lessons.
Also, ignore simwiz, he likes to make up things that he will then use a 'quote' from you, besides he's opposed to the terrefic gunship idea."
Which btw is beyond lame - ignore him he is against this idea. How about "ignore Windu he is against common sense and gameplay."

I know you are trying to promote your "good guy being mercilessly picked on by the meanies"image, but you are really just being a hypocrite, as has been said already by at least one other member.
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