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Originally posted by its420onthedot

I wonder if Raven designed the game for players to use one button to do the DFA? Funny. I didn't see that in the manual.


That's so you can do it without taking your fingers off the movement/attack keys if you don't want to (which is how I prefer to play), or so that you don't do it by accident when you actually want to do those three separate moves in another stance. If they wanted moves to be unbindable they would have designed the game that way.

Originally posted by Sith Maximus

Well what is everyones feelings on game controls that ledt you combine macros? These commands are nothing more than a different type of script file. So if anyoe out there thinks that this is cheating let us know. And I do agree that some types of scripts are cheats no matter what way you cut it. As soon as an actual game engine variable, like yawspeed or filed of view, has been changed then it is a cheat. I write scripts all of the time and i try to limit them to system tweaking only, like the above net script. A volume script is ok as well as skin changes and even scripts that combine moves that you can do within the game anyway. How the heck do people think the game knows to generate a backstab or a death from above kill anyway? Its done in a very similar fashion to what has been stated here. So those types of scrips are ok. Continuous fire and locking forwrd walk is alright in my book as well. Its simple, some are cheats some are not. We all know the difference between scripts that are and are not cheats. But the sonner the cheat scripts are posted the sooner we all can be aware of them and try to avoid them. When people started to walk backwards I simply let them get a little close to me and as the animation started for a backstab I kicked them. Plain, simple and effective. Their is a counter for any script if you take the time to learn it. But for now being informed is the best weapon against system variable movement and attack scripts.


My feelings exactly! I started learning how to script to use a throttle & joystick setup because I hate using a keyboard while playing games. I don't consider it cheating to bind keyboard commands or basic combos to throttle & stick buttons. It's laziness & cost saving that keeps game developers from including controller support in games, not because they consider using them cheating.

Scripts are not some deep mysterious form of coding. They are exactly the same thing as keybinds. The only difference is how they are written. There is absolutely nothing you can do from writing a script that you can't do with a keybind. It just sounds more like hacking to use the term "script writing".

Like you said, we all know when someone is using a script that performs a move that someone couldn't possibly do without a script.

I use a run/walk toggle bind, multiple catchy phrase binds, turn left/right @ 9000 yawspeed binds (for goofing around, breakdancing, etc. which have no effect while fighting because I use mouselook), a script that gives you all five stances on servers that allow it, special move binds for the buttons on my throttle (straight from the manual) for when I was using my joystick for movement instead of the movement keys (which I gave up trying to use because controller support sucks for this game), & lastly I have attack also bound to MWHEELUP for saberlocks.

In my opinion the reason we increasingly have keypress combos to perform moves in PC games is because this is how console games (Playstation2, Nintendo Gamecube, X-Box, etc.) are designed, & it is easier for the programmers to convert the games to those platforms. It saves them time & money. But pressing four stupid buttons multiple times in a specific order to perform a particular move is a pain in the ass & is why I will never buy one. I like PC games, & as long as I can configure the game to my liking for the keyboard or HOTAS setup, I'm going to do it. If this makes me a cheater in some peoples minds, then so be it.
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