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Yeah I think they just made it to punish the pull and backstab users. I mean really look at how many have come to life on this board to whine and cry about it and act like it isn't because pull and backstab is gone. They are being punished for all the times they exploited the manuever. The best part is the punishers are the people like myself that refused to use it unless it was a last resort measure. Anyway former backstabbers why not just adapt like people like myself had to when your ways came about. You might find the game more enjoyable whining about it constantly sure won't help. There will always be whiners though and as a result they'll go to mommy (raven) and beg and beg for a new patch and finally get one and not be satisfied.
I will say that guns are too powerful now though the repeater rifle and flak cannon (i know i'm going to get burnt for using ut references) are way too ammo friendly you can shoot and kill for days without running out. The ammo should be left the same but the guns should do a bit less damage (I'm a gunner and I will admit this although I will enjoy getting revenge on assfighters for awhile because of it). Anyway duels are MUCH more fun now and big ctf games are about the same although I miss my fav servers! =(
Most annoying things about 1.04 are 1.03 demos not working and no new ctf levels. Maybe the next patch should cater to ctf players rather than duelers I don't think patches have any use for duelers anyway they take too long to download on a 56k LOL.
Anyway just thought I'd give my 2 cents on it all.

Remember it's just a game people.
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